I'm Sam Mehenni

Data Lead @WIMT. Ex @Transit. Founder @Prkng. Former researcher @ADUQ.
I like to learn, design, and build stuff. Hit me up.

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Along with my good friend Arnaud, I created prkng, an app helping tens of thousands of drivers find a parking spot on/off street in Montreal, NYC, Boston and Seattle. It's now an Open Source project, and you can find it here on github.
This is a street campaign we did for prkng in Montreal, with targeted messaging in different key locations where parking is especially difficult. First ad in Chinatown, the second around the UQAM campus.
I was the Head of Marketing at Transit, a transportation app helping millions of commuters getting around their city every week. Available in over 135 cities worldwide, on iOS and Android.
I lead several projects, including the development & redesign of our analytics dashboard, used by our transit agency partners and our team to get insights on usage in all of our markets.
Transit is the endorsed app of several agencies, including the MBTA (Boston). This is an initial proposal for a physical campaign that ran in buses and trains accross the city.
I was an active contributor to OSM and HOT, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. This is a layout I proposed for their new website.
When I'm not sketching interfaces or brainstorming new marketing campaigns, I like to travel, hike and take photos. See more on 500px.

1. Portrait of Ben, a rice grower. Banaue, Northern Philippines.
2. Spider Rock. Canyon de Chelly NM, Arizona.
3. Sunrise at the top of Mount Kinabalu. Borneo, Malaysia.

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